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Conditions and Potential Analyses

Existing buildings have the greatest potential for energy savings. Targeted reconstruction measures in combination with attractive subsidy programs makes energetic optimization of existing buildings interesting to private builders. Our analysis of the building envelope and technology determine the weak points of your building and show you how they can be improved or even repaired.

When renovating or reconstruction work on buildings from before 1991, the release of building pollutants such as asbestos or PCB is expected. An early systematic pollutant diagnostic identifies pollutants that can be hazardous to health and the environment. As a result, delays and costs due to unforeseen renovation work can be largely avoided.

With the systematic listing of conditions, restoration need, costs and benefit of each building and system components you obtain the basis for a long term overall strategy for maintaining the value of your property.



  • Overall strategies for preserving buildings
  • Analysis of building envelope and building installations
  • Diagnoses of hazardous building substances
  • Identification of weak points and restoration requirements
  • Show the possible solutions to repair and improve
  • Cost-benefit analyses
  • Comparison of variants and feasibility studies
  • Thermal building physics, building and room acoustics as well as noise protection
  • Thermography recording
  • Consultations on energy efficiency and building ecology
  • Optimization of designs and material selection
  • Energy concepts and energy optimization
  • Consultancy on the optimization of life cycle costs(LCC)
  • Presentations, trainings