Energy Concepts

In integral energy concepts for buildings and sites, we bring energy requirements and alternative supplies together. In doing so, economic and ecological aspects are taken into account and possibilities for the use of synergies within the perimeter under consideration are analyzed.

At the building level, the coordination of the building shape, building envelope and building technology forms the basis for high energy efficiency and economic operation over the entire life cycle. Through the harmonious combination of materials, components and technical systems, the conditions for a low energy requirement – and thus also low energy costs – are already set in an early planning phase.



  • Preparation of integral concepts, coordinating the areas of building, materials and technology
  • Development of innovative energy concepts for plants, buildings and sites, taking into account economic and ecological criteria
  • Comparison of different variants in terms of feasibility, synergy utilization at the site and cost-effectiveness (life cycle costs)
  • Identification and optimization of energy demand and supply
  • Assessment, dimensioning and cost estimation for heating and cooling systems, self production, waste heat utilization or ventilation
  • Concepts for warm and cold circuits (anergy networks)
  • Consultation on implementation of standards and building labels, (2000-watt society / SIA 2040 Efficiency path energy, zero or plus energy, Minergie, international certifications)
  • Preparation of life cycle assessments
  • Presentations, trainings